The BFF Work Out Plan: Weeks 4 & 5

Hey everyone!

Thank you for joining my best friend and I on our “get fit” venture!

Here is the new routine for weeks 4 & 5. Well actually, it’s the exact same routine as week 3. We have decided to do this, to build endurance & strength.

So try it out for 2 more weeks with us!

WEEKS 4 & 5

Normal routine to do everyday of the week (5 days a week) EXCEPT the day before SPECIAL Day.(EX: Thursday don’t do ab workouts. Rest before Friday which is CORE Day)

*Main Workout( Mon-Friday )

30 minutes or more of cardio

14 push-ups

 30 second plank

75 squats (variation of 3/25reps)

50 Back leg lifts (25 reps each side)

100 Crunches (Variation of 5/20 reps)


Monday– Leg Day

-Main workout

2x 60 sec Bridge Lifts

1x 60 sec Toe Taps

1x 60 sec Plies(40 seconds reg speed, pulse at bottom of squat for 20 seconds)

2x 60 sec Clam digs (1 per side, no dumbells)

20 lunges (10 per leg)

5-15 minute stretch after

Here is a how to link for toe taps, clam digs, plies, & bridge lifts


Main Workout

-Do not do pushups

5-15 minute stretch after

Wednesday– Arms, Shoulders, & Back Day

-Main Workout (do not push-ups, will be included in YouTube vids)

Follow 3 YouTube links, each are 5 minutes. 

5-15 minute stretch after


-Main Workout

-Do not do crunches or planks

Friday– Core Day

-Main Workout (don’t do crunches& abs adding that to core workout)

-50 standing side leg crunches (25 per side)

-50 standing front crunches (do 25 then 10 second break, repeat)

-25 bicycle crunches

-25 regular crunches

-25 leg lifts 

-25 mason twist

-10 roll ups

-15 sit ups

-30 second plank

5-15 minute stretch after

Sat-Sunday rest



  1. Always consult your doctor & a training professional when starting a new workout plan.
  2. Drink a lot of water.
  3. Eat right but allow 1-2 cheat meals a week when starting out! Abs are mainly made in the kitchen honey, exercise is only a small percentage!
  4. Sleep long & well.
  5. Don’t over do it. When it feels like too much, find a moderation where you still sweat & feel the burn but not killing yourself. Try 3 times a week if 5 days a week are too much.
  6. Results happen when you find the right plan & stick to it. DON’T GIVE UP.


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