How I Happily Get Through The Week

Hey everyone!

It feels amazing to have a new blog post up. I know finally!

I’ve been doing quite a few disappearing acts lately. I stopped working on my blog, youtube, and let my Instagram profile be whatever it wants. Hahaha

I’ve been so focused on the relocation to California that I haven’t catered much thought or time to building my personal brand.

Once I settled into the new place, I became stuck on how to get my life started. I wasn’t eating right, working out, or even communicating with people. I just felt like my body was here but my mind was in another realm.

So the past two weeks, I have been expirmenting with different methods that will help me gain control over my life again. I finally found a routine of methods that will do just the trick and wanted to share with you all! Check them out below.

  1. Plan Everything! Agendas, Calendars, & Handy-Dandy-Notebooks have been my best friends since I started this new year in LA. I write down everything I have scheduled in each book so I never miss a beat. My calendar list everything I have going on for the month that I know of in advance. My agenda lists everything I have going on per week, plus last minute go to’s, & to do/to buy lists. Lastly, my notebook has everything I’m feeling each day to keep my brain clear. I write about what I’m grateful for, what needs to be done that day, & what I actually accomplished that day. These 3 items have been a blessing for sure!
  2. Take A Chill Break! My chill time is my 3rd favorite thing to do during the week.(Hiking  first & sleep 2nd haha!) During chill time, I like to have everything turned off, make some of my favorite tea, and just sit in my thoughts. Maybe even try to calm them down if I’m thinking about too much at once. Heck sometimes, I’ll just take a nap! Chill time is normally 30min -1hr 15min but it’s so refreshing & keeps my day strong.
  3. Hanging out alone! This is something I do often. I think because I just moved back to LA, so I’m out of touch with my old friends that live here but also…I barely know anyone. Lol Quite frankly, I enjoy being alone and learn so much about myself during the process. I try to do something cool by myself at least once a week. Nothing work related. Fun alone time ONLY! This could be seeing a movie, going to a museum, or  shopping.
  4. Take A Long Walk! Now that I’m in the Golden State, I figured there is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for me to not have a healthy, active lifestyle. Being fit & healthy is a major goal for me this year so there is no room for laziness. I go hiking at least 2-3 times a week. Not only has it been helping with getting fit, but also helping with giving myself a peace of mind. I look forward to my long nature walks now!
  5. Get a good sleep! This part sounds so cliche but when I tell y’all getting a good sleep does wonders, mannnnn it’s like magic! I feel like a brand new woman when I get a good night’s sleep. Makes me energized and ready to take on the day.

That’s all I have for you today! Try out these methods and see if it works for you.

Hopefully you’ll be more energized, feel more in control, and ready to take on the weeks as they roll on in. ????????

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