True Friendship… What is it?

Last night, I finally learned the true meaning of friendship. My best friend of 13 years gave me the strength to reach for my dreams higher than I have ever reached before. It takes a strong woman to tell another strong woman that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. I know that sounds cliche but when I tell you how powerful having a great friend can be for your life, it’s like having one of God’s angels cheering you on. So today we are going to talk about what makes a true friend. I will be using examples from experiences with my best friend. I don’t want y’all know exactly who she is yet. So we’ll call her Sarah

A true friend will support your job choice.

Currently, I  am juggling multiple careers. I am a plus size model, entrepreneur, and entertainer. I am naturally a very passionate person about succeeding economically and creatively. If I’m not successful in those areas, I will feel like a complete failure. I think that’s just the Capricorn’s way of life. Thank goodness my best friend is a Capricorn because she understands why this is so important. My gal pal is a rock star when it comes to supporting my career choices. Sarah knows that in order for her friends to be the best they can be, they need to be thriving in what truly makes them happy. That could mean swinging on a pole, enjoying cocktails with a sugar daddy, or being the next big plus size super model. Whatever their choice, she’ll back them up with a “you got this girl!” poster. This doesn’t mean she 100% agrees with you (and she is not afraid to tell you) but she rather see you healthy and shining like the true gem you are.

A true friend tends to enjoy the same things as you. 

Sarah and I have the same taste in just about everything. But yet have several differences which brings such an amazing balance to our friendship. For example, We both enjoy many genres of music. We’re still waiting for the 1975, Artic Monkeys, and Drake to come to Baltimore so we can lose our minds over their musical abilities. However, if I tried to invite her to a Kacey Musgraves concert, the amount of “hell no’s” I’d get in 30 seconds is pretty skillfull. Yet she’d eventually cave and try the experience out to see if she might like it or not. This is what’s makes our friend ship so exciting. She respects my likes/ dislikes and stays firm in what makes her. But has an open mind to new things.

A true friend is someone you can smile with, cry with, and believe it or not disagree with.

Basically having a friend you can express your emotions with. Sarah and I are so in tune with our emotions you could make an Emmy award winning soap opera or a best selling book with our stories. (Tell that to every dramatic person on earth right?)

When you can discuss what makes you happy and sad with someone, it shows the authenticity of your bond.

Have you noticed sisters that are close have a love hate relationship?They love each other so much that they can share how they really feel about anything. Being honest about our emotions brings closure and relief. In my opinion, honesty is the main key to a wonderful blossoming relationship. But please don’t confuse being honest with being an asshole. Totally different. You can be honest with your friend without the intention of crushing them or spreading your miserable b.s.

Lastly, a true friend will do just about anything with you. 

My best friend Sarah is the most ride or die, down ass chick you will ever meet. I am lacking better words to describe her right here but you get the point. Having a friend that will have your back no matter what. There is nothing like having a gal pal that is ready to go at the drop of a dime. Not just for “find your cheating man and whip his ass!” purposes, but also for things like traveling all over the world. Or getting a car, taking a road trip, and cry about life together. In these moments, you learn so much about yourself through your best friend. She sets the example of what you are willing to do for love. I mean you do love her right? You better if you are busting car windows or mixing tons of mayo in her cheating man’s ranch.

Well, that’s it folks. This is my definition of a true friend. These qualities can make or break a friendship. It also helps you become a better person. We are all heavily influenced by our environment. If the people in it are poisonous, then that it is what we will become. Let us be thankful for our true friends because they are very hard to come by.

Kudos to true friendship!

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