Favorite Swim Suit For Feeling Sexy

Ladies & Gents, I am ready to try it all! I am ready to date, be my on boss, and do what I have never done before. 

One of those things on this grand to do list is revealing swimwear! I have always been afraid to wear bikinis or extremely sexy swimsuits. But this time I am wearing whatever the f*ck I want. Its one of those years where I am embracing everything about me. That includes my cellulite, wiggling thighs, and huge square booty bouncing all over the sandy beaches of this wild world! & If you don’t like it, don’t look. I’m mean who gon’ check me beau?

Now that has been said, I wanted to share with you all my favorite swimsuit at the moment. It is this beautiful, eye catching olive green one piece from https://www.asiaaurora.com/. Now this swim suit was suppose to just be a post online but the post turned into multiple because I love it so much. Its simple yet sexy. It reveals just enough without feeling like I am trying to make some extra dollars at Magic’s.

It goes up to a size UK L but I tried it on and I am a UK XL (XXL if I include the weight gain recently). Mannnnn It looks hot! So if you are on the slimmer curve side, I would definitely recommend this piece!

I will post more of my favorite swimsuits through out spring/summer. So make sure to follow my IG for more!

*Love yourself and don’t forget to treat yourself while doing it!*


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