Living Before The Grey

Today, I saw the movie The Sense Of An Ending. In my opinion, it was a very boring and pointless movie. But it has me thinking a lot about life (so maybe not really that pointless). The first question that came up after watching: What am I doing now that could terribly effect my future? It sounds cliche, but I really thought about how my decisions could have serious results when I am older. Specifically not living enough.


Time has passed by. I am 65 years old staring at old photos reflecting over my life. As I am reflecting, I am witnessing the various forms of regret creeping through my body as if someone injected it into my bloodstream. I sit down in an attempt to slow down the frisky invasion. But shoulda, coulda, and woulda have trekked their way through my deepest memories and onward to the crevices of my mind waiting to be dispersed. These regrets are filling my heart with so much pain. It’s no way I can continue to live happily knowing that I never put my best foot forward for life.


I am frightened by the thought of growing old and not living the way I truly wanted. Having to live with the idea that I was too weak to try but too proud to admit that I was weak in order to give myself the chance to do it all over.

Having regretful thoughts when I am older encourages me to live how I please in the present. I do all that I can now, to ensure peace of mind when I’m a dusty old diva. It may not seem like much now, but when I am telling my grand kids how much of a bad ass I was, it will be totally worth it.

I encourage you all to do the same. Take care of yourself now! Cater to your health, finances, and the current babe who might be “the one”. Be bold, follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to live. And remember to always be kind!

You don’t want to be a grey haired fellow just figuring out that you lived but weren’t really alive. 

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