Thank You For Letting Me Be Human

The domino effect had taken place for 5 whole days! I was losing my mind and thought about leaving London within the next week or so.

It started with depressive thoughts, to hateful thinking towards myself & my job, to having a sucky casting day, to randomly getting sick late last night. I’ve been feeling very miserable the past 5 days but thankfully it’s starting to pass.

I’m doped up on water, tea, & too many throat lozenges. But I also believe I am doped up on a lot of love. I cannot believe how much support I have received over the past few days for simply admitting my sadness, not being happy with work, & exposing my vulnerability. You all have been so sweet and I couldn’t be more grateful for your time spent sending lovely energy my way! For this, I’m sending positive vibes to each and everyone of you. ????

Thank you for all your kind words, messages, and text messages!

I occasionally have the blues like any other person. This time I decided to share with you all that sometimes I’m not okay. But that’s the beauty of humanity. We’re up, then we are down, then we conquer & repeat. I like to think the problem occurs when we stay up or down for too long and not allow ourselves the opportunity to feel it all.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I suppressed my feelings when I should have been experiencing them.

So again, thank you for your wonderful messages. Thank you for letting me be human on Instagram! I hope you all are giving yourselves the opportunity to be human as well!

Take care ❤️

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