Tips For The Common Cold

Hey everyone! I am so glad to be back and ready to kick this weeks butt!

Last week, I endured the worst battle of the year: the common cold. I know! It’s a virus we all hate! One minute you are filled with energy, crushing goals, and vibing with life. And in the next, you are locked in your bedroom with a stuffy nose and a fever that matches the earth’s core.

MAN OH MAN, this cold devoured my insides to the best of its ability. Luckily, my immune system is a true fighter so it fought back with 10 times the effort!

My cold was a sinus infection that went straight to my throat & chest. OUCH. But I am only wrestling with the remnants, so its aaaaaaalllllll good.

In case you ever have to fight the good fight of the common cold, here are a few tips to help with its passing.


Water & tea should be your best friend when you come across a cold. Water naturally detoxifies, transports nutrients to the good places, and reverses any dehydration you may be under from the initial stages of the cold. There might be a few of you avid soda/ juice/coffee drinkers that will hate me for this. But it is best to avoid these drinks when you have a cold! Reasons:

  1. Coffee is a diuretic that makes you urinate more frequently which will lead to dehydration.
  2. Juices (orange juice,lemonade, artificially flavored etc.) taste yummy, may have vitamin c but it is full of sugar. Also, the acid can cause irritation, meaning your sore throat’s healing process will slow down.
  3. Soda has the same effects as Juice. Don’t do it!


  1. Drink lots of water. Warm it up a little to help with soothing a sore throat. If you hate the way plain water taste, you can infuse your water with softer fruits like melons & cucumber . (Plain water is amazing by the way. Just have to get used to the taste if you aren’t an often drinker.)
  2. Drink teas with calming, soothing, and healing properties. Also, teas with antioxidants are always a yes in my book. Green tea, Jasmine, and Earl Grey are a few of my faves to guzzle down when under the weather.
  3. Add honey to your tea! It’s a natural sweetener, helps with soothing a sore throat, and can help cure your cold! It is filled with properties that help fight cold viruses and nasty bacteria. It is also known to be a good cough suppressant by taking a spoonful or two by itself (I never tried it for that reason, but people swear by it.).
  4. Add a throat lozenge to your tea to help with soothing.
  5. Throw some fresh Ginger Root in your tea! Filled with nutrients, kills rhinoviruses, and can help your cold end sooner!

So have fun sipping on those fluids. Your immune system depends on it!


This section is pretty self explanatory. Getting as much sleep as possible is good for speeding up your cold’s passing. I also recommend laying around after sleeping to. Kick back and watch all your favorites on Netflix!


The last thing you want is to hand deliver your cold to someone else. You can also make it worse with more bacteria/germs. Staying home (especially during the beginning of a cold) is the best way to prevent viral spreading.


When you are sick, most likely, you do not want a massive plate of french fries with ketchup. Just about everything sounds up-chuck worthy. If your appetite is low, try making one of your favorite soups. (I’ll share recipe of my Garden Vegetable Soup later)

Having homemade soup filled with fresh veggies can do wonders! It soothes your throat, warms your soul, and gives you extra nutrients canned soups can’t provide.

I recommend eating this the entire time you are going through a cold. Add some whole grain bread, crackers, and fresh fruit to your diet as well.

Unless your stomach can handle hearty, rich foods or… you like throwing up.


I am all for natural remedies when sick. However, sometimes the natural remedies aren’t enough. Unfortunately, that was my situation and I needed some extra help. Antibiotics and pain medication did just the trick!

Welp, that is all I have for ya! Hopefully, these tips are useful and you utilize them during your next viral battle.

Cheers to a speedy recovery!




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