Name: Brielle Anyea

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Zodiac: Capricorn

Birthday Month: January

Best Traits: Compassionate, expressive, adventurous.

Why did you create this blog?: A space to release in hopes of someone receiving and gaining something valuable. 

What will we see on BrielleAnyea.com?: Fashion. Travel. Food. Lifestyle. Epic fails while living/breathing. Joyous moments.  Culture. Curly hair. Talks with my bff. The list goes on. It gets random.

Favorite Color: Red. It’s spicy and sensual. 

Favorite music: Any type of music that speaks to me lyrically.

Occupation: Model. Artist. Entrepreneur. Sometimes 9-5’er.

Favorite Accomplishment: Working with major brands that normally do not represent the plus size African American community. It has been a blessing to help bring awareness and opportunity. I love my community and will continue to serve until we are given more chances to equally succeed.

Anything else?: I love everything in this universe. Except mosquitoes & bees.


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